Drumroll, Please: The Halloween Tree-Chapter One

A few months ago, while reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to my nieces and nephews, I thought about children’s imaginations and the creativity, power, and fresh intelligence of it all. I believe middle grade fiction is one of the most important genres. It has the ability to mold the mind of a child in a way nothing else can. This thought combined with my love of horror and Halloween, led me to think about one of the most imaginative and powerful middle grade books ever written. The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury.

I decided to recruit a few clients in order to bring The Halloween Tree to life this year with the added creativity of video readings. None of us have collaborated on any of our chapters. Each chapter will be read at the discretion of each reader. Starting today, going every day up until All Hallows’ Eve, myself and my readers will attempt to do right by Mr. Bradbury and hopefully give you a little something extra to look forward to each day.

Reading Chapter One of The Halloween Tree is D.M. Cunningham:

“There are not many books, or many authors, or many people that I would build cardboard sets for and smear greasepaint across my cheeks for to make a fool of myself with such childish delight. Yet, Bree Ogden, Ray Bradbury, and The Halloween Tree reached into my cobwebbed noodle and unleashed a monster. I hope everyone enjoys the videos as much as I did making them. I hope you can laugh at them, get pulled in by them, and share them with your friends. After all, it’s all about celebrating one of the best holidays around. Halloween.”  – D.M. Cunningham

9 thoughts on “Drumroll, Please: The Halloween Tree-Chapter One

  1. D.M. – YOU ROCK!!! I loved the set, costume/make-up, evil laugh, and was that Hans Zimmer in the background? :D I couldn’t help whipping out my copy of ‘The Halloween Tree’ and following along!

  2. Thanks gang!! I hope I didn’t set the bar too high for myself. I can only go down from here! RJP, I almost went to sleep with the greasepaint on. It was a long day. Although I’m sure most peeps in Hollyweird wouldn’t even notice if I walked around like a sloppy skeleton.

  3. Wow that looks so great with the skull in the background and the red and green hues. What a wonderful reading! I can’t wait for the rest.

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