Your Workspace.

Speaking of inspiration. Your workspace can be a huge inspiration to you as you… well… work in it. Let’s say, create in it. Recently I posted a picture of my workspace: Studio Ginger: The Ginger’s Revenge (otherwise known as Studio Ginger America) on facebook and a few days later I was transported into the workspaces of some of my most creative friends. What’s in your workspace? Does it inspire you? Does it bore you? Are you jazzed every time you look around? Inspire yourself with your workspace. The messier the better.

(Evan Heasman’s studio
(Studio Ginger: The Ginger’s Revenge
(Evan Heasman’s studio
(Studio Ginger: The Ginger’s Revenge
(Evan Heasman’s studio
(Studio Ginger: The Ginger’s Revenge

But MOST importantly,

Studio Ginger: The Ginger’s Revenge…

is ALWAYS accompanied by music.

4 thoughts on “Your Workspace.

  1. I recently inherited my grandmother’s roll top, and it has revolutionized my writing time. Somehow it makes me feel more like a professional, and I’m obsessed with filling all its nooks and crannies with writerly stuff and market guides. On my desk sit an old-time office lamp, a Masai warrior head, and my Highlights awards. Above it hangs the Sing A Song print by RJP. I share my little office with two raucous parrots and a cute little cockatiel. The paper has palm trees and the room is stuffed with all things Africa via my late MIL. She used to call this the Hemmingway Room. It’s now my refuge. I drown out the cacophony of kids and birds with music that suits what I’m writing. Tonight it’s Celtic, because I’m revising. :)

  2. Hm…now I think I need a better workspace. The couch in my living room is comfy and all, but the toys on the floor, elmo on tv, and baby fingers all over my keyboard is hardly as inspiring as shelves of graphic novels, Frank Sintra, and clusters of old picture frames. Dang.

  3. Workspace is definitely important. I recently moved mine out of my bedroom into the foyer. It’s not a HUGE amount of space, but enough. And it makes all the difference in my writing because it’s all “mine.”

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