Underneath the Juniper Tree Goes PRINT!

After September, Underneath the Juniper Tree Magazine will be going print! We are finalizing the cost of the 4-issue-per-year price model. We have posted a poll on Facebook asking about a price. Please take the poll and if you’d like, we would love for your feedback in an email: Junipertreelit@gmail.com.

From the Juniper Team:

“Just to give you an idea of why the price is where it’s at here is the low down of what is going into the issue:

1) Each issue will be at least 60 pages done in FULL COLOUR. 
2) The magazine will be perfect bound, meaning it will have a flat spine, which will make the magazine look more like a professional book than magazine.

3) The cover will have our Juniper Tree embossed (this is the expensive part) with the issue number.

We are putting all of our hopes and dreams into this printed version of our magazine because we believe in Go big or go home! Consider what we are putting into this issue before voting.

We’re excited to have the opportunity to showcase up and coming artists and writers in a printed issue and we really want to make this a reality.

Thanks everyone!”

Poll: https://apps.facebook.com/opinionpolls/poll?pid=ACCp0GFRy-E



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