#31DaysofHalloween Writing Contest WEEK TWO!

You are the scientist Victor Frankenstein. Your fiend has turned out horribly and despite your deep disappointment and frustrations, you must try again. And again and again until you make the perfect creature.

Your writing challenge this week must follow the following rules:

  1. Use Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as inspiration for your entry.
  2. Your entry must include no more than 200 words of prose.
  3. Your entry must also include no more than 200 words of a “blueprint” or “recipe” so to speak, for your new creation. It must be in list form, a “how to” if you will.
  4. You must come up with a unique and original name for your creation.
  5. Your creation can be anything from a hybrid faery-zombie to a succubus Bette Midler with snakes for hair. It doesn’t matter, as long as it is creative and creepy.
  6. Deadline is Friday, Oct. 11, 2013. Midnight PST.

The winner will receive one of my all time favorite books; one that is very appropriate for the contest:

The Resurrectionist: The Lost Work of Dr. Spencer Black


Philadelphia, the late 1870s. A city of gas lamps, cobblestone streets, and horse-drawn carriages—and home to the controversial surgeon Dr. Spencer Black. The son of a grave robber, young Dr. Black studies at Philadelphia’s esteemed Academy of Medicine, where he develops an unconventional hypothesis: What if the world’s most celebrated mythological beasts—mermaids, minotaurs, and satyrs—were in fact the evolutionary ancestors of humankind? 
The Resurrectionist offers two extraordinary books in one. The first is a fictional biography of Dr. Spencer Black, from a childhood spent exhuming corpses through his medical training, his travels with carnivals, and the mysterious disappearance at the end of his life. The second book is Black’s magnum opus:The Codex Extinct Animalia, a Gray’s Anatomy for mythological beasts—dragons, centaurs, Pegasus, Cerberus—all rendered in meticulously detailed anatomical illustrations. You need only look at these images to realize they are the work of a madman. The Resurrectionist tells his story.

Have fun, you fiends! 



14 thoughts on “#31DaysofHalloween Writing Contest WEEK TWO!

  1. My dearest Elizabeth,
    I write you today with news most joyous! All of my research, all of my experimentations, all of my dedication…they will no longer be for naught. Every failure and imperfection up until now–those were but stepping stones to creating a true being of beauty. It is my fondest wish for you to fetch a coach immediately, for success is within my grasp. “Aeternum Perfectum,” I shall call it. Oh, just wait until you see, sweet Elizabeth!

    I set down my pen and inkwell the moment I finished transcribing the letter. Once the script dried in full, I folded it and set the note on the hutch beyond the lab door. One of the staff would make sure the post reached my beloved–they always did.

    The room was filled with the sweet stench of decay from the castoff carrion of previous attempts, but I’d long grown accustomed to it. Months or years, I no longer knew how long I had been working towards my plight for perfection, for one blended into the other. Enough time spent in the odor’s presence left it as normal to me as perfume was to the ladies in town. Not that it mattered one way or another when I was on the brink of perfection. I’d clear the corpses at a later time. For now, my work took precedence.

    I lapped the laboratory, turning up the gaslights and shutting the curtains in turn. The last thing I needed was for some local upstart to come peeking in and disrupting my work–or worse, nicking my plans! With the lengths I had gone to in the quest of securing the oil of exotic eel, ground serpent fang, and the blood of human youth, to name but a handful of the specialty ingredients, the last thing I wanted was for someone foolish to steal my masterpiece or cause my steady hand to slip.
    Assured of my privacy, I returned to the roll top desk at the far end of the room, then shifted aside my stationary and pulled open one of the drawers. My eyes were still in the process of dilation from the change in lighting, but I’d grown well-accustomed to every inch of the chamber. Digging through the cabinet’s baubles, it didn’t take long to find the base. I trailed my fingers along the back of the table until I felt out the seam. In a well-familiar motion, my nails pried into the groove and hoisted it up enough to snake my freehand through to snatch out the precious sheaves of parchment it’d hidden. I spread the papers out as I had so many times prior, and, when vision returned, my sight drank up the etchings I’d long committed to memory.

    The drawing sketched on one sheet was pure perfection. The head of a human, eyes sunken, teeth sharpened to fine, shark-like points, and all the beauty of the skull showing through with minimal mortal fat softening the glorious cranial contours. The body was of an arachnid, but no earthy one. The form was closer in size to a Great Dane, letting each magnificent, spindled appendage stretch out several yards in all directions when unfurled to their full potential. Rather than the red and yellow stripes that such breed of spider boasted as standard coloration, the markings of this splendor where from massive veins jutting out from the constraints of its beautiful exoskeleton, each tube pulsating with lifeblood and venom. The bulged to allow unrivaled sight, the myriad of limbs and their fluid dexterity…each aspect designed carefully and vastly superior to the disgusting species that was man. No doubt rested in my mind that this creation–my creation–must’ve matched the very angels of paradise in appearance.

    On the other sheets were my inscriptions of the complex procedure, outlining the steps from mutating the grandfather arachnid to the surgery that bolstered its offspring. Organs removed and stitched in, circulation reworked and elements introduced, the entire process was delicate and time-consuming, but it’d all be worthwhile when I’ve finished. If one step was fouled in the slightest, I’d need to start from the beginning, so I focused on the final portion–down past the exact measurements and formulas I’d completed early on in the experiment–and scanned it once more for good luck.

    For seventy-days on constant boil
    Combine venom, bone, blood, and oil
    Flesh made ash and grave dirt sterilized
    Both acid and base until they’ve neutralized.

    Introduce into body with solution saline
    Then final steps alone remain.
    Merge arachnid form with human skull
    Fuse the fleshes, excess tendons cull

    With steady hands and tools white with heat
    Remove from former shell and synapses meet.
    Once nerves and veins have joined as man and lover
    Allow ample time for life to recover.

    Yes, perfect. I set the dictation back against the desktop and smoothed it flat. A sigh of contentment escaped my lips as I crossed the room to where the fruit of my labors scuttled about in its mammoth cage. Soon. Soon, there’d be no need for the confines. All that was missing was to exchange the head for that of my design, and that was what I prepared to rectify. My very fingers quivered in anticipation.

    From the burners on the nearby table, I carefully removed one flask of the pair. This, I brought to my lips and took a sip. I’d concocted it to help calm my nerves and slow my pulse. As hypothesized, I felt my excited heartbeat slow to something more manageable.

    My beloved Aeternum Perfectum continued to flit about. He must have known what was nigh. Of course he would. His senses and keen perception were bound to garner the taste of impending flawlessness. As proud as I was, I was wholly unable to commence with the final stages of the operation with him in his animated state–I wouldn’t be able to get close enough to sedate him. Taking his feeding tough and tipping in the remainder of my own serum, I edged it back through the bars. He eagerly lapped the contents, and his anxiousness quelled. Without hesitation, I unlatched the cage and pulled a needle from my pocket. Once I’d injected him with tranquilizer and his body stilled, I hoisted the being of perfection-in-process onto the operating table that served as the laboratory’s centerpiece.

    A final syringe was extracted from the breast pocket of my lab coat. Approaching the burners a final time, I poured a saline solution into the remaining flask and filled my tool. My hands steady, I inserted the pointed tip into one of the protruding arteries and let the formula fill his system. I was so close to Heaven, my maw began to salivate.

    I had to be quick. With maybe a minute guaranteed at best once the procedure began, any slip in consciousness on the human subject’s behalf would leave the experiment incomplete, and that I simply could not afford. It was time to begin.
    I whispered to the cadavers who served as my audience, “And so I make the leap from mortal to perfection,” and raised the scalpel to the soft, fleshy underside of my jaw.


    Intended Audience:
    Pioneers in the field of reanimation who, like me, have struggled with poorly constructed Reanimi which go to rot too quickly, devolve into moral thinking, or prove otherwise inferior.

    Time Required:
    Based upon conditions, supply procurement varies between 6.5* and 48 hours. Assuming the hobbyist possesses a modestly outfitted facility, mean assemblage is 327 hours.


    – Shovel
    – Dagger
    – Bonesaw
    – Surgeon’s Kit, intermediate
    – Needle, 23 gauge
    – Needle, 9 gauge, curved
    – (4) spools Dr. V’s Staytite Extrafine Cadaver Thread**
    – (2) spools Dr. V’s Staytite Heavy-Duty Cadaver Thread**
    – Embalming machine
    – (6) Litres Rye Whiskey, 80-proof minimum
    – 2.4 Mega-volt current transmitter

    In recent years, certain “practitioners” have focused upon avant-garde techniques and equipment, much to the detriment of our craft. Just as one would not skimp on ingredients for mincemeat pie, a successful reanimation is predicated upon selecting the finest cuts.

    Feet & Ankles: Preferably from a portly, gout-stricken female. Enhanced fluid retention provides a robust foundation.
    Legs: Young and lithe. For balance and symmetry, a single donor is recommended.
    Wrists & Hands: Regardless of erroneous claims, dandy-obtained parts prove strong, dexterous, and callous-free.
    Arms: Length is oft overlooked. Nominal proportion allows the final shoulder-to-fingertip assemblage to fall precisely 3/5th the distance between ilium and patella.
    Torso & Head: Contrary to popular practice, an intact set reduces airway and circulation complications. A male specimen eliminates cyclical plumbing concerns.


    Depending upon the breathing status at time of harvest, employ either the shovel or dagger/bonesaw/scalpel combination. Next, dry fit parts in accordance with homo sapien anatomy. Using Dr. V’s Staytite Extrafine Cadaver Thread and 23-gauge needle, attach miscellaneous viscera, working from extremities inward. Bind*** adjoining epidermal edges using Dr. V’s Staytite Heavy-Duty Cadaver Thread and curved 9-gauge needle. Embalm with (5) litres of whiskey; dispose of remainder as conscience dictates. Finally, shock per standardized Reanimation Guild procedure.

    Enjoy your quality NEVER-FAIL® Reanimi!

    *With able-bodied assistant and easy access to components
    **Available exclusively at
    Doff’s Eastside Haberdashery
    *** To avoid unsightly catchstitching, backstitch in contrasting color for added durability and pleasant aesthetic


    By Debbie Dorris

    “What did my mother see in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein? Did she really have to name me after him?” I, twenty-two-year-old Doctor Victor Frankenstein Lavenza, am a genius. “One more stitch and I’ll show them all I’m nothing like him. My final creation is masterfully striking, not like the monstrosity he created. She has wings of a butterfly, beauty, and a direct connection to Gods, thanks to The Pythia, Oracle of Delphi. And I’ll give her a name, Lavenzith!” Removing my gloves, I crank up the defibrillator, grab the paddles and hold them poised, ready to become like God, a creator of life…

    “Here I sit, between worlds, watching in anticipation for the moment I can jump into the all-knowing creature Lavenza’s bringing to life. I, a demon, will finally have a living soulless body to possess! How brilliant is he, using butterflies DNA! Deceptively beautiful with a long curling tongue; I’ll be able to feast on the fear I create as the creature.” Glancing at Lavenza’s notes I read:

    4 Monarch Butterflies
    1 Left femur from The Pythia (remains can be found in tomb of oracles, Olympus, Greece)
    1 Beauty queen corpse (dead no more than 6 months)
    1 Misc. female corpse (for skin grafts)
    2 Bald Eagle eyeballs (with optic nerves and all three eyelids)

    Extract DNA from Monarch Butterflies, using usual method. Set aside.
    Extract DNA from left thigh bone of The Pythia, using special techniques for isolation of DNA from degraded ancient samples. Set aside.
    Extract cells from corpse of beauty queen (any beautiful woman may be substituted). Set aside.
    Combine the butterflies and The Pythia’s DNA. Let incubate for 24 hours under black light.
    Insert DNA mixture into corpse’s extracted cells, using high-tech laser method. Let transformed cells ferment for 90 days in container maintained at 68 degrees Fahrenheit.
    Make as many incisions deemed necessary to release gasses from corpse, including torso and limbs.
    Inject mutated cells into corpse via intravenous infusion with hydration fluids.
    Surgically transplant the eagle’s eyes into eye sockets of corpse.
    Stitch any incisions using zigzag stitches.
    Graft any areas needing skin.
    Use defibrillator’s highest voltage to shock to life.

    “He forgot one important ingredient –Me!”

    … “CLEAR!” I zapped the creature.

    I, a demon, swiftly entered the powerful being. My eagle eyes popped opened.


  4. Lucifame

    January 21st

    My old friend Lucifer stopped by a month ago complaining about how nobody likes him anymore. After five hours of constant whining, he called in the favor I owed him. While I do owe my genius in creation to him, I feel what he is asking from me will end badly. But still I agreed to the terms, so I have gathered the required ingredients. Nobody can ever say that Dr. Lee Spencer isn’t a man of his word.


    1tsp sweat from pop star donor
    500 strands of hair from the same donor
    Skin from a fresh corpse (Flawless complexion only.)
    4 pints of blood taken from sweat donor
    * All ingredients from pop star must be taken when donor is—erm—not awake.

    Process and results:

    After stitching the new skin onto his body, I mixed the blood and sweat together before injecting it into his bloodstream. Once the hair was sewn into place, Lucifer awoke and immediately dawned a meat dress.
    Our first try was a fail.


    February 19th

    I acquired ingredients from a new donor and repeated my previous steps. Lucifer awoke and started spitting on everyone. After only being able to say swag, he tried to kill me before I put him to sleep.
    We will try again.


    March 2nd

    After adjusting the mixture to 2 pints of blood and a half teaspoon of sweat from a third donor, we gave it another try. It was deemed a failure after Lucifer refused to talk without a track to lip-sync to. Also the head shaving didn’t help. I don’t even want to remember the flashing of his newfound—lady part. Once the crying began after I took away his umbrella, we agreed to try again.


    April 26th

    Our last try. Everything was halved from the original recipe and the Lucifame monster was born. My debt has been paid. I do not wish to see him again. Not after watching him twerking his was to Georgia with his tongue out. In fact, I’m through with creation. He’s gained admirers which means I have truly failed. Creating him has ruined me. This is my last report. I can’t—.

  5. Forbidden Fruit

    From the book of New Genesis: Chapter 4, Verses 1-10.

    1. Using standard DNA extraction procedures (see Entry 1.24) isolate 20ug of target DNA
    2. Using standard DNA extraction procedures (see Entry 1.24) isolate 20ug of subject DNA
    3. Incubate target DNA with restriction enzymes B132 and K984 per protocol (see Entry 1.37)
    4. Incubate subject DNA with restriction enzymes D142 and D177 per protocol (see Entry 1.43)
    5. Combine target DNA and subject DNA per ligation protocol (see Entry 2.13)
    6. Plate 5ug/ul of recombinant DNA with cloning vector RA314 and incubate at 37*C for 24 hours
    7. Isolate transfected colonies
    8. Culture transfected colonies in nutrient broth x10 generations
    9. Lyse 3-5 transfected colonies and incubate with phage vector per protocol (see Entry 3.11)
    10. Inject 20cc of purified vector (suspended in saline) into subject

    Drosera stood before her congregation; a sea of aquamarine faces framed by wild ivy tendrils gazed back at her.

    “And the Creator named us Chloros feminae. We are the keepers of New Eden,” she said.

    “Praise be to Mother Earth and her sister, Sol, from whom all life-energy flows,” came the reply.

    “Praise be.”

    As the congregation exited the temple into a bright, sun drenched courtyard, Drosera slipped away. She traveled beyond the walls of New Eden, crept over fields littered with fleshless remains, crushing bones and sucking the marrow as she went. To forsake Sol’s rays and consume life was forbidden in New Eden. Wanton consumption had ended the Old World.

    Spreading dew-drop tentacles, Drosera basked in the harsh, orange glow of a molten sunset. The air was electric, charged with the life-force of countless buzzing insects. Her buds quivered with excitement.

    A armyworm moth lit upon one delicate, mucin-tipped appendage.

    In time, the harsh, paranoid rule of New Eden would fade and Drosera would openly practice the ways of her ancestors. Until then… Drosera hesitated, permitting her anticipation to rise to an almost fevered pitch, before ushering the morsel to her fervent lips.


  6. October 31,2255
    My faithful assistant if you are reading this then I fear that I’ve not made it back from the wastelands. I hope that you will forgive me and continue with my research. Abandon the search to cure Dome sickness. Time has run out. My daughter is everything and the sickness has consumed her body beyond repair. Please understand that I had to act if I was going to save her mind, her essence, her beautiful soul. I cannot bear to lose her. I used the Consortiums restoration machine. Her diseased body was unviable and I refuse to use the partially diseased DNA they hold in storage. I created her new body using stored anal DNA. I wanted to ensure her survival against the mutants of the waste. The elders don’t want a cure. They’re content selling partial reconstruction to extend the grotesque lifestyles of the wealthy, so I destroyed their machine and all the samples. The animal DNA is preserved in our lab. Make good use of it.Make them pay. Believe me when I tell you that she is a glorious creature to behold. You should have seem her. Annihilation is at hand. Allysa will change our world.

    – Allysaration –
    (Golden begining, destruction of worlds)

    First attempts, DNA reconstruction, trial and error result: failure
    The correct isolation of desired strands will prove to be a difficult and tedious task.
    The host body must be similar enough for the brain to recognize and control, have agility, means to attack and the ability of flight to escape predators.

    First stage of body reconstruction: Insertion of DNA for creation of body base
    DNA sample#001326 Golden Langur(monkey average weight 12kg)
    DNA sample #010587 Andean Condor( bird weight 12g,wingspan 365cm)
    DNA sample#100000 Allysa(human brain,complete viable intact)

    Phase 1 begun: Initiate program. Enter isolated DNA target strands into Restoration Reactor for select DNA replication in the genome.

    Phase 2 begun: Unwinding and analysis of new DNA replication. Initiate polymerase chain reaction.
    Phase 3 begun: DNA cloning for sequencing. Order of nucleotides within new DNA strand determined. Complete genome viable.
    PHASE 4 begun: Input 3D CAD Data; Data accepted.
    Phase 5 begun: Insert matter for fabrication process. Matter analysis complete; cloning matter.
    Phase 6 begun: SLA process initiated; Laser sintering begun; Fabrication process begining.
    Fabrication Complete
    Opening chamber: Containment breach: Error…Err

  7. I should have kept walking the day a stranger dropped his tattered book on Oak Street. Crisp rain had already drenched my clothes and I was as usual, running late. The library would surely close before I got there, so I kept the book refusing its return.

    Mary the librarian smiled as I sprinted into the building’s lower level. The musty smell would chill a normal person, but it was like home to me. The dim lights shielded the table in my path; I smacked my toe against its frame. A paper fell from the wet book.

    From your heart a creature shall grow,
    Pluck one hair from your nose.

    Two eyelashes into the mix,
    It shall see everything you wish.

    A drop of saliva will do the trick,
    But be careful of how much drips.

    Press down with your hand
    And feed your little Bland.

    Sweat gathered around the sticky pieces of hair pressed beneath my palm. There was no turning back; I couldn’t stay here all night and Mary’s footsteps were already descending down the stairs. As I lifted my hand, something furry and white popped up. Its sharp teeth nibbled my fingers, turning to her voice, “I’m locking up…”

    By the time I turned around the cute little creature had jumped from my hand clawing to climb down her throat. Her body fell to the ground, blood dripped form her lips.

    If not for that day, my pocket would be empty and my name tag would not read Mary.

  8. @DocFrnknstn: #graverobbing is so last century.
    Dirty too. I love my white tile walls and stainless steel tables. So easy to clean! Unfortunately, it’s hard to the get the bloodstains out of my jackets. That’s why I buy in bulk.
    The Dial-A-Tech guy finally got my computer working. I’m back online. He powered up my 3DDD printer. It’s way faster now. He was very impressed with my printer hack. How I got the different layers needed to build body parts.
    He was so easy to knock out. Just flashed my baby blues, showed a little cleavage and shot him with the paralytic. He’s about liquified now and ready to bottle. The insect wings and venom fangs are printing. I am on schedule for one mini death machine that I can control.
    @googuy gave me the recipe. I tweaked it by adding stem cells. I think it’ll will work this time. I’ll name him DeathWing. Or maybe, Irwin. Deathwing or Irwin, @Deathwing or @Irwin? Def, Deathwing. Totally awesome. I hope this doesn’t take long. I have a nail appointment later today. I just uploaded the rabid racoon brain file. It’s so cool what you can find on the internet!

    @googuy’s Recipe for Life
    √ super cute evil genius
    √ titanium ligature for the skeleton
    √ fluids: blood, skin, muscles, plasma, blood, stem cells, tissue
    √ assorted bottles, pans, hypodermics
    √ hacked 3DDD printer
    √ laptop, printer cords
    √ STL body part files
    √ human – liquified and separated
    √ DIY body pulping machine
    √ UV light machine
    √ staple gun

    Directions: Print all body parts. Staple parts together. UV light for 30 minutes. Yell: I”m alive.

    • oops – in the recipe the first line was supposed to say:
      super cute evil genius descended from Great Great Great Uncle Vic F.

  9. The true bringer of life seeks not to simply create a single being but a whole ecology. As even a single creature is so expensive and time-consuming to produce, many pioneering scientists have sought to develop a creature that propagates quickly and easily, perhaps even asexually. Hence the creation of something colorfully titled “Mater Monstrum” (“Mother Monster”). This hermaphroditic being is a woman and man fused back-to-back and whose legs and pelvises have been so melded and entwined together that they resemble a single huge serpent’s tail. Not surprisingly, this being was the inspiration for Echidne of Grecian mythology, a fecund serpentine being who birthed a whole pantheon of monsters.

    Reduced to utter savagery, the mater monstrum is only concerned with the most basic of drives: eat, give birth, protect and feed its young. It is ravenous for meat, especially human flesh, and is constantly pregnant, automatically giving birth every six months. Each spawn is a new monstrosity, different from its kin. Various mater monstrum have produced three-headed humans, six-legged wolves, piranhas with wings and baboon feet, crocodiles with the heads of fanged goats and the tails of scorpions, and anything else that could be imagined in nightmares.

    Creating a Mater Monstrum

    1. Unearth the corpses of a man and a woman.

    2. Drain the corpses of all blood.

    3. Carefully open up their backs to connect their brains and spinal cords, then sew the two beings together. For details, refer to my treatise “The Joining of Two Selves.”

    4. Apply the diluted alchemical solvent described in my treatise “Flesh to Clay” to the pelvises and legs of both corpses to make those body parts temporarily malleable.

    5. Gently meld the lower parts of both beings together to produce a single serpentine mass with a single hermaphroditic reproductive system. Remember, make sure to leave enough room for the birth canal. As before, please refer to my “Joining of Two Selves” for details.

    6. Now that the mater monstrum’s physical body has been constructed, pump in its new blood: a mixture of mercury, salt, and sulfur along with the blood and venom extracted from five vipers.

    7. The whole body must be galvanized by intense electrical force.

    8. If you’re lucky, the creature will shriek and come alive; you’ll have your own personal monster factory! If not, all you have is a charred corpse. Well, perseverance is the soul of science!

  10. The fairer sex are masters in the art of deception; their beauty regimens are proof: corsets to minimize waists, paints to alter complexions, and potions to please every olfactory sensibility, but until I met Mrs. Shelley, I wouldn’t have hypothesized that skill extended to intellectual deception.

    She was a passenger on Walton’s boat. After hearing my story, she suggested that in pursuit of my revenge against the Monster, we publicize a falsehood. She would write my story, but report me dead; I could benefit from an extra modicum of stealth.

    While Mrs. Shelley executed the plan flawlessly, I have failed to find the Monster.

    Tomorrow marks the sesquicentennial of my efforts. I will live to see his demise, so I, along with a colleague, Dr. Roman, have perfected the art of transplant. My only remaining original parts are my brain and the skull that houses it. Even my facial skin is new (I found an explorer whose phrenography was remarkably similar to mine).

    Evidence tells me the Monster remains in the Arctic. I have come to a conclusion — because the Monster and I are both man, I need an advantage. Below is my procedure for creating an Arctic Steed:

    Contiguous Torso and Legs of Caribou – a stable base
    Four Canada Lynx Feet — for their ability to glide over snow
    Flippers and Tail of Harp Seal — to facilitate swimming
    Walrus Tusks — for defense
    Polar Bear Head — for sheer ferocity

    Amputate hooves from Caribou
    Attach Canada Lynx Feet to Caribou
    Expose bone of Caribou shoulder on each side. Attach nerves of Harp Seal Flippers to shoulders. Left to left, right to right.
    Expose bone of Caribou tail. Attach Harp Seal Tail to exposed area.
    Behead Polar Bear, taking care to properly dissect nerves
    Attach Polar Bear Head, taking care to note proper nerve placement
    Directly above Harp Seal Flippers, insert Walrus tusks so their points are just beyond Head
    When the Aurora Borealis is most vivid, turn antenna in its direction. Attach EKG pads to heart and power antenna on. The Steed should animate within the hour.
    Mount the Steed immediately so it becomes used to my weight
    Observe the Steed for a fortnight. Note any impairments in movement and hypothesize solutions.
    Contact Dr. Roman for assistance in replacing the Polar Bear Head with my own so I may roam for my prey unburdened.

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